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Paul AMOUYAL, MD, President

Co-founder of Alfact Innovation, Paul Amouyal is a gastroenterologist who has more than 15 year experience in successful management of care centres. Dr Paul Amouyal is president of Alfact Innovation since its inception in 2006.

Gilles AMOUYAL, MD, Ph D, Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder of Alfact Innovation, Gilles Amouyal is a gastroenterologist who has more than 15 year experience in successful management of care centres. He holds a PhD in Molecular Biology of Paris University 5. Dr Gilles Amouyal is CEO of Alfact Innovation since its inception in 2006.

Christian Bréchot, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

Pr Christian Brechot is a reknown hepatologist specialized in hepatitis B and C infections, in the process of hepatic carcinogenesis and in liver cancer. He has more than 20 year experience in research at Inserm, as scientist, chief of unit (U370) and then as Inserm director (2001-2007). Pr Christian Bréchot is currently vice president of scientific and medical affairs of Biomerieux and scientific director of Alfact Innovation.

Jérémie Mariau, MSc, Chief Operating Officer

With a MSc of human genetic (Paris Diderot university) obtained concomitantly to its diploma of Agricultural Engineer (Montpellier Supagro), Jérémie Mariau completed its former training with a degree in management of innovation in life science projects. Jeremie Mariau has a first experience as consultant for biotech industries and start-ups before joining Alfact Innovation in 2007.

Laure Jamot, PhD

Laure Jamot holds a PhD in Neuro-Genetics from Paris V University. After research experience in academic international context for 5 years, she joined the biotech industry in 2001. She has more than 10 years experience in managing R&D projects. Laure Jamot joined Alfact Innovation as senior scientist / project leader in 2008.

...and senior consultants :

Dr Jamila Faivre, MD, PhD, is team leader at Inserm Unit 785 (Villejuif, France). Dr Jamila Faivre and her team worked for more than 5 years on the cellular mechanisms involved in the onset of liver insufficiency and in hepato-carcinogenesis. Dr Jamila Faivre developed preclinical models of acute liver injury, liver regeneration and liver cancer. She develops new therapeutic approaches by studying the regulation and the function of the protein HIP/PAP, in the context of acute liver failure, and of the protein NIS (Natrium Iodine Symporter), for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma.

Dr Michel Thiry, MD, PhD, is owner of Theranor consulting company. He is an expert consultant in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Dr Michel Thiry is a molecular biologist. He worked for almost 20 years in Eurogentec (Seraing, Belgium) as the manager of Biologics business unit and supervised more than 20 projects of recombinant protein production for market and clinical trials. Dr Michel Thiry accompanies Alfact Innovation since 2007.

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ALF-5755 for the treatment of acute liver failure and severe acute hepatitis

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